Yes the two main bulk releases of tickets is over (done, sold out, gone etc etc.). However we do have a waiting list which is active and working well. If you are without ticket and you prefer not to wait on the waiting list we still have supporter tickets available.

Things to note about the waiting list:

Once you have registered please note that Eventbrite doesn’t send a confirmation email, so don’t go click happy, once is enough and you don’t get multiple tickets the more times you click.

When a space becomes available you will get an email with a link, if you follow the link and it doesn’t work then it means you have missed the time window and you are put back on the waiting list. If you manage to get a ticket then please tweet about it, that way people still know the list is moving.

Keep in mind:

If you already have a ticket and you’re not going to come, please let us know, so we can give your ticket to someone else on waiting list! Thank you!

We are happy to announce (if you haven’t noticed yourself) that first round of free tickets is gone. Free tickets will be available again in second round, starts March 2nd, 10am (CET). Meanwhile don’t forget to check list of talks, workshops, side activities, and spread the word about BSidesLjubljana event.

BSidesLjubljana tickets

| February 18th, 2015

While attendance is free, you still need a ticket.

Tickets will go out in two rounds:

  • [*] February 19th, 9am (CET),
  • [*] March 2nd, 10am (CET).

.. and yes, amount of tickets is limited. Please see tickets page for more details.