Capture The Flag

Security BSides Ljubljana Real-CTF, hack but don’t get hacked!

The Real Capture The Flag (also known as Real-CTF) is a hacking contests designed for security experts with the desire to compete against each other. Real-CTF is a simulation of a real environment with exploitable devices and applications where security expert’s skills are put to the test. Besides real vulnerabilities in place there are some other task to solve, where creativity, focus, logic, ingenuity and other problem solving skills can glance. Once connected to the real environment hack but don’t get hacked!

Skills put to the test:

  * Reverse engineering
  * Network analysis and hacking
  * Web application analysis and hacking
  * Steganography
  * Hash cracking

Real-CTF is taking place 12th of March 2015 in Poligon creative centre. Competitors will connect to the hacking environment through Wi-Fi or wired connection which will be available only at Poligon creative centre. Before start they need to register at, where additional information about tasks and submission of solutions will be available.

Practical awards and of course Fame and Glory

About CTF
CTF is an IT security or hacking competition designed for educational purposes. Topics that concern security experts can be learned in a realistic manner with a lot of fun. More at Wikipedia.