1. Forging the USB armory – Creating an open source secure flash-drive-sized computer (Andrea Barisani)
  2. Cold War Spy Techniques and Moscow Rules for Cybersecurity (Alper Basaran)
  3. IoT IT Security and Secure Development Life Cycle (Christopher Scheuring)
  4. EU’s biggest Cyber Security Exercise – Cyber Europe 2014 (Razvan Gavrila)
  5. The wrong side of history – everything that is old is new again (Arron “finux” Finnon)
  6. Uncovering secret connections among online attackers using network theory and custom honeypots (Pedram Hayati)
  7. Automated security scanning and remediation in the cloud using StackStorm (Tomaž Muraus)
  8. Fully deterministic & verifiable linux distro (Jaka Hudoklin)
  9. 2014 – Year of Broken Name Generator(s) (Miroslav Štampar)
  10. Deep and dark web – demystifying differences and explaining key 2014 events (Jurica Čular)
  11. Low-Tech High-Intensity Phishing Attacks on Slovenian Banks (Gorazd Božič)
  12. Invisible packets (Milan Gabor & Danijel Grah)