IoT completely changes our way of live. Fridges know about its contents and help keeping your food storage up to date. Cars or machines know about the abrasion of their parts and are able to order the new part in time and contact your service. Everything will be connected everywhere – you’re able to control your lights and heating at home from where ever you are. Your home or system is always connected to the Internet. For this reason it’s very important to know about the enemies and threats which result about everything is connected everywhere at any time.

Currently a lot of embedded and low cost systems designed for IoT are low hanging fruits for many attacks. The challenge will be to implement security and safety into the SDLC for IoT systems and applications. IT security becomes more an more an important part for IoT applications and systems.

This talk indicates problems we need to address in development of applications for IoT to make them secure against common hacking attacks. It is necessary to evaluate the applicability of the Security Development Life Cycle for rapid prototyping. The goal are IoT applications which fulfill their requirements, are handy and smart and secure. This talk will introduce potential methodologies and tools to achieve this.

Christopher Scheuring has 8 years experience as a software developer and architect for embedded systems, automation software and web applications. Since 2010 he worked as security expert, architect, auditor and penetration tester at several projects (web applications, multi tier, car-it, mobile and ICS) for a German car manufacturer. He’s giving lectures on web engineering and IT security at the University of Corporate Education Mosbach, Germany.

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